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Container Specifications

Pacifico container specifications are built to comply with international standards. They meet the following international standards; ISO, TIR, CSC, TCT, UIC and are certified by one of these classification societies. We hire Professional and Responsible container inspection companies to inspect our containers.


We use waterborne container paint and bamboo flooring for the quality of our containers. We believe the choice of this guarantee can be used durably with the long lasting of good quality. 


A Container Engineering Innovator

Summary of 20'SD Pacifico Container Specification

With the rich container engineering experiences and years of production management, Pacifico's chief engineer Mr. Lin who with his innovative minds and practical ideas, redesigned certain parts of our containers that can reduce flooring related repairs during the life of the containers.


We are in the container industry to save costs with innovative ideas in engineering and  continuously working on building the perfect and high quality containers for our customers.



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