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About Us

In 1993, Jason Chan relocated to Hong Kong, China from San Francisco, California to form Pacifico Container. Initially, Pacifico served as an agent for Chinese container manufacturers providing marketing and sales support.


In 1996,  Pacifico (Jason) was appointed as a sole agent for Gold Container Leasing (now Touax). In their role as agent, Jason and the Pacifico team coordinated equipment acquisition and sales and marketing activities for Gold in Asia. Working closely with Gold's Paris headquarters, Pacifico played a key role in the growth of Gold to 500,000 teus at year end 2009.


In 2013, Pacifico expanded its services to include container leasing. Based on discussions with shipping companies and other users of containers, Pacifico determined that build quality and repair costs remained an issue with many container users. Pacifico has combined dedicated quality control staff with innovative construction design to reduce operating costs, with an emphasis on reduction of flooring repair costs.


From containers dedicated to intermodal trade to trading containers, each of Pacifico's container is built under strict quality and engineering standards. At Pacifico, we strongly believe that the container you lease or purchase from us should meet your value expectations.


Our innovative and experienced team of the container experts stands ready to meet your needs.


James D. McBride

Mr. McBride serves as an advisor to Pacifico. His logistics and leasing experiences include 12 years at Triton Container International, 3 years at Willis Lease Finance (at international lessor of jet aircraft engines) and advisory to International Assets Systems (a provider of equipment optimization services to the intermodal logistics industry). His capital formation experience spans equity and debt placements in public and private markets.

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